For the past 30 years, Kristen has improved the lives of children, working families and businesses in Michigan. She will continue to fight alongside us and level the playing field from Lansing.

Achieving Quality Education for Everyone

No child should lose opportunities because of financial hardship or systemic barriers. Backed by her extensive experience focused on education, Kristen will fight to ensure that all children have equitable opportunities to reach their full potential. We must:

  • Make historic investments in our schools from early education to beyond high school.
  • Ensure that all teachers earn a respectable wage and that all students are fully funded with what they need.
  • Prioritize education as fundamental in order to create a thriving future for our children, our community and our economy.
Empowering and enriching families

Advancing Economic Opportunities for All

Kristen believes in lifting up families. You shouldn’t have to work multiple jobs to provide a good life for your family. At the Capitol, Kristen would support families by:

  • Supporting increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit, which would be the largest tax break for working families in Michigan’s history.
  • Improve workforce development programs and high-quality job opportunities in the region.
  • Ensure affordable housing.

Revitalizing the Great Lakes Bay Region

Everyone should have the opportunity to make a good living and prosper. Kristen is passionate about building a robust and sustainable economy that works for everyone in the region. To ensure long-term economic relief, we will need to:

  • Attract and retain high-paying jobs throughout the region.
  • Incentivize entrepreneurship.
  • Empower our future workforce through strong educational reform.

Protecting our Rights and Achieving Results

Michigan should be a state where every person has the ability to live, work, thrive, and raise a family on their own terms. Kristen supports reproductive and privacy rights, constitutionally respectful firearm regulation, and democratic voting rights. She will:

  • Fight against extremism that would block or unravel these rights and impede results. 
  • Bring good people and good ideas together, wherever they are politically, to achieve real results that benefit our region.

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