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October 26, 2022— Following Detroit News reporting on criminal investigations of Former Speaker Lee Chatfield, Kristen McDonald Rivet calls on Annette Glenn to return $53,750 in campaign contributions received from Chatfield’s political action committees.
Economic Benefits of Historic Investment for USDA, Farms & Climate Smart Nutrient Management August 15, 2022
CHIPS & Science Act: Highlighting Huge Regional Economic Impact, August 2, 2022
Response to Overturn of Roe v Wade, the first time in our nation’s history the U.S. Supreme Court has taken away a federal constitutional right.
June 24, 2022
In-District Gun Violence, June 10, 2022

Debates, Candidate Forums

Videos by topic are available on our Facebook page. To watch our recent 35th State Senate District debates in full, click these respective links: League of Women Voters, Saginaw Valley State University.

The New York Times on our 35th Senate District’s significance

Nick Corasaniti interviews Kristen, highlighting our 35th state senate race for its influence on which party will hold majority power in Michigan— for consequential action on jobs, schools, safe abortion access — and democracy. Click here for full article.

Part 1, The Art Lewis Show Interview

Kristen shares why she decided to run; why this race is so targeted and important; why level-headed, pragmatic, rational leadership that cares about community is needed now more than ever; and why the “middle” is vital to improve lives, especially around easing financial pressures facing folks today. Have a listen. It will give you hope.

Part 2, The Art Lewis Show Interview

Do your soul good. Listen to a leader prioritize listening to learn over talking to divide, and service & constituent wins over power & political wins. Kristen shares what offering solutions, instead of obstructions, could mean for suffering families. Kristen also discusses Michigan’s extreme 1931 abortion law, and why individuals, not the government, should be trusted with making this most intimate of decisions.

The Atlantic on our race’s implications on democracy in America

Russell Berman interviews Kristen and spotlights our race as one with huge implications for democracy in America. Click here for full article.

USA Today Looks At MI-35 Senate Race

USA Today looks our 35th senate district as one of the races in four states most impacted by Roe v Wade’s overturn. Kristen’s electoral opponent, Annette Glenn, is as extreme as Michigan’s 1931 abortion law. Glenn told USA TODAY her position mirrors that law which has no exceptions for minors, incest, rape, or health of the mother. Click here for the full article.

Northwood Candidate Economic Forum responses

Kristen sets the record straight on what’s really holding back Michigan’s working families & economy; the consequences of past decisions to ignore energy & infrastructure investments; and why the Earned Income Tax Credit is the smartest tax policy among all the other options. 8 minutes of authentic, informative, insightful answers.

Patriotism Reflection

Daughter of a veteran, and member of Michigan’s National Guard during her college summers, Kristen reflects on patriotism and how America’s fallen heroes remind us that our democracy and our country are worth fighting for.

Straight Talk with Kareem Bowen

Straight Talk host Kareem Bowen calls out Kristen’s opponent, Annette Glenn, for failing to engage with the Saginaw community beyond sending deceitful campaign mailers. Bowen also shares why he is voting for Kristen McDonald Rivet over Glenn for State Senate District 35. Bowen notes Glenn’s campaign tactics have repeatedly drawn bipartisan rebuke and resulted in an active defamation lawsuit against her.

Kristen’s Record

Kristen’s record shows us what she’s capable of, and what she prioritizes. Many talk about problems; Kristen tackles them head-on. Many know what to do; Kristen gets it done.